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Research PDF

I did a panel at Kazcon on research and here is the PDF of the document I put together with suggestions and resources.


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Carry On: A Supernatural Virtual Season

New Episode August 23, 2010

Season One now Complete!

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After Sam died in Cold Oak, Dean went to the crossroads to bring his brother back to life.  He offered the demon everything he had left--his very soul--anything for Sam.

He was denied.

With Sam’s spirit wandering the empty streets of Cold Oak and Dean headed off on a suicide mission to stop the Devil’s Gate from opening, things look bleak for the Winchester brothers.

Now, their struggle is just beginning.

Carry On...A Supernatural Virtual Season picks up at the end of All Hell Breaks Loose part one and then ventures on with a what if scenario that takes the Winchester brothers through heaven and hell while fighting to save the remnants of their splintered family.

Check out the premiere on Monday, January 18.

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News & Things Just Added!

Updated September 20, 2011

Rock and Roll Heroes written for the Supernatural Gen Big Bang. Drop bears, Rock Hall of Fame Museum and an ancient spirit!

Cascading Spirits (a Supernatural/The Sentinel Crossover) written for Swellison and The Sentinel Big Bang.

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 Amazing video

by Kumaproogey

This is the winning video from Chicago Con 2009!

This video was in some small part inspired by the song lyrics I used in my fic A Safe, Secure Place. I was thrilled when Kumaproogey sent it to me to see and told me where she'd rediscovered the song which led to this amazing video.

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My many thanks to Thu Terry's Eyes, Sojourner84, Maygin, Noelani618, Tru_Faith_Lost, Vanessa and Cha for the incredibly awesome art they've graciously given me and the many hours they've spent in the creating. Each of their wonderful pieces of art are credited on the individual pages. Since art is what makes my world go around, I've added an ART GALLERY page...take a look!

Also, thanks to Maygin for her assistance with the massive amounts of research for Terror Town, USA.  It was a huge undertaking, complicated and at times frustrating. She kept me going in the right direction. I've appreciated every bit of it.

Thanks to Vanessa for sharing her poetry.

Thank you to Marie Noel for lending me her medical expertise for my fics.

A big thank you to SPNSamDean84 for the wonderful video/trailer she made for Terror Town, was a surprise!

Last, but certainly not least, for the betaing brilliance of Sojourner, Sybaelle, Maygin, Noelani618, Tru_Faith_Lost, Vanessa, Ames, Cookie6, Gaelicspirit, Deej1957 and Sendintheclowns.


The Verses

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 The Elements

The Coming Storm

Discovering the purpose of Sam's visions, the science of demons and hunting on horseback isn't so easy...

Gale Warnings

Sam has a mysterious teacher who considers hunting a type of homework. A revelation may cause one brother to lose the other in order to keep him.  The brothers learn exactly how much they mean to one another, how deeply their bond runs and what one will do for the other. 

All things supernatural don't have to be evil.  Dean and Sam get a look at the 'bigger picture.' 

...and there's a bridge troll.

Storm Surge

Following the trail south, Dean and Sam discover the demon they're tracking wants them as much as they want it.  Other hunters might want the brothers even more..



 Two Souls


Bonding of Souls

Sam is snatched by a serial killer who discovers Dean Winchester brand of justice doesn't involve a court room.


A Safe, Secure Place

The only way to get Dean is through Sam. The only way to hurt Sam is with Dean.


Valkyrie's Quest

The life and times of Dean & Sam Winchester as seen through the eyes of their dog.


Fire and Blood

South Dakota has a werewolf problem. It's not your average werewolf, and really not an average problem. Dean and Sam return to the small town where Sam was kidnapped and held captive, victim of a savage serial killer. Having to face werewolves, police and their own inner monsters, both brothers discover recovery never comes easy.

Fire and Blood is the fourth story in the Two Souls Verse. It's also sort of a sequel to The Game, in that I'm including a character from that fic too.

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 Thanks so much to Deej1957 for bidding on me at the Fics4books Live Journal auction!


Forged by Fire

coming soon watch wip links!

Apparent mistaken identity lands Sam in prison, leaving Dean on the outside struggling to free his brother. Prison isn't a good place for a hunter especially when not all the inmates are human. Locked in a cage, Sam clings to the edge of sanity and discovers Abaddon has a fan. Next in the Two Souls Verse.

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This amazing vid was created by kumaproogey especially for this fic. Please don't forget to head over to her Youtube site and leave her a comment.



A Warrior's Focus

(time stamp for Forged by Fire)  

Sam isn't really all alone in solitary, not with all those friends in his head.



(second time stamp for Forged by Fire)

Dean's courage always came from Sam.


 A War With No Front

In a war with no front, enemies are not always obvious, reality maybe nothing but illusion...

(series created by Bayre and Sojourner84)

The Road Less Traveled

Dean's been to Hell and back, now it's time to get Sam back too.


Terror Town, USA

Trapped in a small town, cut off from the rest of the world, Dean struggles to save their tiny corner of the world and Sam struggles to hang on to reality while events threaten to push him straight over the edge and into insanity.

awesome trailer made by SNPSamDean84...thanks!

Colt & Winchester

A/N: This story is the third installment in the War with No Front Series. I have had the privilege of being able to help create the series and to write this collaborative piece for it with the talented Sojourner84, and we’d love for you to check out The Road Less Traveled, and Terror Town, U.S.A. While Colt & Winchester is part of a “bigger picture” you do not have to have read the previous two stories to be able to fully understand the contents of this piece, though we do encourage it! However, if you choose to read this without having read the first two, there are a few things you do need to know about the series. It picks up after the heartbreaking Season 3 finale, and therefore all spoilers for seasons one through three of the show are fair game. This is a Season 4 Alternate Universe series.

The Road Less Traveled takes place two weeks after Dean’s death and focuses on his mysterious return and his search for Sam. Neither come to understand the circumstances behind Dean’s return or the cause, but both have been significantly changed by the collection and return of Dean’s soul. Terror Town, U.S.A. focused on the dangers of Sam’s uncontrolled abilities in a town where everyone is slowly going mad. Colt & Winchester could be referred to as our version of  “In the Beginning.” This series focuses on the unique and mysterious connection between Dean and Sam and deviates from Kripke’s season four and the war between angels and demons.

Both Sojourner and I hope you enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated! 

Special thanks to Vanessa and Noelani618 for your betas.


Fighting the good fight...One generation to the next...

Following the case of a 65 year old murder, Dean and Sam find themselves witnessing events firsthand learning about links to their past and hints to their future. Third in the A War With No Front Series.


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 A Bright World

Blow out your candles and cut your cake, happy birthday sang the wraiths!

AU after season 3 finale, general with no pairings, a part of A War With No Front Series, but can be read as a stand alone.

Blow out the candles and cut your cake, happy birthday sang the wraiths.

Dean and Sam stop in a small town for the night and find out January 24 in Flickerston isn’t a day to celebrate birthdays. In a town full of vengeance centered around that particular day, Sam finds himself alone when wraiths come for Dean. Wraiths are vengeance, Dean died on Sam’s birthday, Sam wants vengeance. On a hunt to save his brother’s soul Sam is again confronted with knowing reality from illusion and desperately hangs onto his own sanity.

Tricksters don’t care about wraiths and one in particular doesn’t even believe they are out and about. Tricksters want chaos and mayhem for entertainment. This Trickster has a shiny new toy, a young man with a power he doesn’t understand and can’t control. A young man by the name of Sam Winchester. What Sam does have is his brother who is constantly and annoyingly between the Trickster and his prize.

The Trickster finds keeping control of Sam and getting Dean out of the way is more of a challenge than he first thought. 
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Coming Up...

Updated March 9, 2010                           


                                                                                                                                      artwork by Maygin



Coming soon: next in the A War With No Front Series: Frozen Over.

                                                                                                                                  art by Kira


Dean’s return from the pit has not come without consequences. Struggling to unlock the key to his resurrection and return to his brother, Dean embraces the fragmented memories of his imprisonment that manifest freely in his nightmares. Sam, warring with his own abilities and understanding his role in this war, is determined to stop Dean’s destructive mission and assuage these jagged puzzle pieces as they fall into place. Stranded on a hunt in Washington State during a snowstorm, both brothers must face their personal demons as well as the one taking lives in the mountains with cold and calculated cruelty.


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